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amber r

ive tried the vanilla extract and it really worked i was suprised. also if the pain isint to bad take an asprin and put it between your cheek and gum then let it desolve as it does the asprin goes through the gums strait to the pain

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Aspirin can burn your gums! Be careful!


I am 26 and I have been dealing with my lower left wisdom tooth for about a week now. I've never been in this much pain before in my life. A lot of people have suggested cold things, but that has only made things worse for me. My favorite things that have worked so far is naproxen sodium tablets paired with a nice hot shower. As soon as the hot water touches my face I begin to feel better. Also hot tea (earl grey is my tea of choice) and soup have really helped. I plan on picking up some Pure Vanilla Extract to try today, so we'll see how this works.


If I am not mistaken Vanilla extract has alcohol in it which might be the reason that it works! You might be able to use whiskey or rum. Do not, however, wait until your teeth are impacted or like mine, until you can't move your jaw! The sooner the better. Have a dentist look @ it & get it taken care of! You will be glad that you did!

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