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At any health-food store get 'colloidal silver' or 'sovereign silver' and drop a drop in your eye as often as you think of it throughout the day. It should only take a day or 2 to heal. The last few times I have had a stye, I put the silver in my eye at bedtime and I woke up the next morning and it was gone, viola! It was like magic!

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it says roght on the bottle of collodial silver not to spray in your eyes. i use pure silver. Less PPM


Well it actually says on my colloidial silver that it IS safe to use in the eyes. In fact colloidial silver has been used on the eyes if newborn babies in hospitals to prevent infections for a very long time.

I can highly recommend this remedy coupled with v warm teabag compresses in between silver applications.


The colloidal silver bottle says not to use it in the eyes, because the tiny particles can scratch the cornea.


Someone should delete those 'site parasite posts', if you know what I mean?

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