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Okay, so I had severe Eczema on my fingers about a year ago, to the point where i could barely use my hands. I know how horrible it can be. I had a combination of dry and wet exzema.
This was the best remedy I ever tried:
The best one I've tried (possibly the simplest) is clover honey (standard honey). Wash and dry your hands (or body part of the affected area), and apply honey. Rub it into your skin, and it will start soaking in. Once much of it is soaked in, apply more honey and rub it in more and repeat. Do this for about ten minutes, depending on the severity of your eczema (mine was horrible). Rinse the honey off with clean, cold water. And don't worry, they wont be sticky once rinsed.

Once your hands are dry, apply lots of an unscented moisturizing lotion. Do the same type of treatment you did with the honey, but only for about half the time. Rinse off the excess with cold water.

last step, rub in a small amount of a healing cream onto the affected area. I use an Acitonide and Triamcinalone USB cream (sp?) prescribed to me by my doctor. Over the counter Cortisone cream also works pretty well.

I swear guys, this will work wonders. You can do this every day, or just when the skin is drier than usual. My hands went from being callused and painful to being baby soft in a matter of minutes. And heres a good tip: try to find a honey with crystalized sugar in it. This usually occurs in older or more natural honeys. The sugar will work great as a scrub. The best part??? You can actually scratch the itch! As long as it's with the honey sugar, it's actually better for it, as long as you don't over do it. This can lead to pained, raw skin. The feeling of finally being able to scratch the itch is wonderful though.

Another thing that works is applying a rosemary oil to the affected area three times daily... This just doesn't work as well as the Honey trick!

The best of wishes to you guys and Good Luck!


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good idea I am trying several suggestions I've read on here today-- this one is a good one too thanks...

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