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Make a paste from nutmeg and milk and use as a facial mask. Wash off with warm water and repeat two or three times every day.

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Who has time in the day to make potions and clean their face 3 times a day? I have enough trouble squeezing twice a day into my schedule. Too much washing your face will dry it out anyways.


I tried did not work @ all.


this sounds kind of gross to me!!!

yo momma

ummm no thats dumb


i tried this when i was trying to get rid of a pimple on my forehead and after i did it i ended up with a face full of pimple (even on my neck)
dont do it


its takin time bt it works..


you got a FACE FULL of pimples? poor girl are you sure you didn't put cooking oil in there? lol.


Those are rude comments, atleast someone put effort to help others, and everyone will have differant reactions depending on face type. Why don't you people put your own remedies instead of making fum of others.

smart one

u cud do it twice a day and this stuff realli works but u gotta b patient


yeh! it really worked in my case!!! u jus got to b a lil patient. thanx to whosoever sent it.

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