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I have noticed that my somewhat severe RLS seems to worsen if I consume alcohol in excess for a few nights in a row. Why do I drink alcohol? Oh yeah... because it helps me deal with STRESS. THE LARGEST CONTRIBUTING FACTOR TO RESTLESS LEGS IS STRESS! For people with RLS, if you are trying to relax, rather than have a drink before bed, instead do 1 of 5 things. Either throw on some running gear and run through the streets of your neighborhood like the village idiot until you simply cannot run anymore. Another great easy to do remedy which can be used in combination with other remedies is a nice hot 10 minute long leg/calf/foot bath or even just a long hot shower. My RLS is/was so bad that I was prescribed a high dose of Klonopin to take at bedtime as well as Halcion (both of these meds are benzodiazepines so they act as a depressant on the central nervous system.) For severe RLS, they work quite well however they both carry the danger of becoming dependent and unfortunately lose their effectiveness as tolerance develops over time making these drugs A good choice but ONLY AS A SHORT-TERM SOLUTION!!! PLEASE DO NOT START TAKING BENZODIAZEPINES FOR RLS UNLESS YOU ARE COMPLETELY UNABLE TO SLEEP FOR QUITE A FEW DAYS IN A ROW AND NOTHING ELSE IS EFFECTIVE. ONE LAST THING TO NOTE ABOUT BENZOS IS THAT IT CAN BE VERY DANGEROUSD IF ABRUPT CESSATION OCCURS (ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN ON THEM FOR A WHILE.) PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR WHO WILL MOST LIKELY TAPER YOU OFF OF BENZOS BECAUSE THERE IS A RISK OF SEIZURE AND EVEN DEATH IF YOU TRY TO GO COLD TURKEY. I got tired of taking pharmys all the time so I continued the search for a cure to my flailing legs and arms. One night while battling a pretty bad case of RLS I decided to use a small amount of marijuana (look for a strain with a very high indica to sativa ratio.) I happen to have a medicinal license so it is legal for me but it really helped.

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Sara Marie

well thats sounds like it would be a very good idea but just because its legal for you doesnt mean its legal for the rest of the world. but if mine gets bad enough i might just try it thanks


I started experiencing restless legs since I have stopped taking benzos! Please do not ever start taking these pills! They do not solve any problem but make you become dependant and fry your brain. These pills are very hard to get off! Now I am searching for natural remedies to help with restless legs that have been induced by stopping the pills. I tapered slowly as recommended. I am at 95 days off now and still experiencing bad withdrawal symptoms. Benzos are not the solution!


How do you think that benzos are natural, exactly?


Think he/she was saying-looking for natural remedies as an alternative to the benzos/pharmaceuticals.

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