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This takes a couple of weeks, but rinsing daily for 5 minutes with coconut oil works wonders.

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Where can you get coconut oil?
I'm guessing just at the grocery store.
thanks! I think I'm going to try this...


Coconut oil is a solid at room temperature! No you can not get it in stores. You have to order it online.


You can buy it at any Indian grocery store.


I get coconut oil at a local health food store and I live in a very... VERY small town so you can probably get it at any local health food store. It's more expensive to order it online.


If u have an H.E.B. Grocery store they carry it. $10 a jar. It's a nice size jar. U can find it with the other oils up high or in their health food section The brand name is Spectrum. U can get this brand also from Vitamin Shoppe for the same price. The grocery stores also carry coconut oil by Louisana & it's $5. Good luck & God bless.


does this work?

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