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I herd that back in civil war days when soilders got shot and they had no antibiotics or anitibiotics was n't working and a soilder was infected and about to loose a leg or arm,they smeard honey on the wound and saved the leg or arm.Bacteriea can not live in honey...I had mold spores get in my eyes while working under a house,my eyes started watering,burned like fire and swold shut,I rubbed honey in them,straight on the eyeballs,waited a few minutes and repeated,after 2nd treatment I was watching tv with no pain in the eyes...I now have an abscess tooth,been hurting for 4-5 daynow,can't even get descent sleep,tried all kinds of home remedies.I used my finger and rubbed honey on it 2-3 times and at first it hurt a few seconds,then the pain stopped.I already knew that honey kills bacteria,I had 6 bee hives but,had to sell them,after years of getting stung and no problems I suddenly turned allergic to bee stings and had to sell them but,I still know about and use honey,one of God's true miricales!..Try it!!!Rub honey on your tooth and gums a couple of times and see if it don't stop.

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