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It worked, it worked, it worked! My wife has been in pain for 3 months! I just wonder why none of her doctors told her about this! They have had her on narcotics, antibiotics, and eveerything under the sun but nobody said 'hey this will relieve the sorness directly'. I'm so glad I found this site. I went to walgreens, bought the Red Cross Toothache kit for $6.57 and within 2 minutes of using it her pain went from an insaine 12 to about a 2 on a scale of 1-10. Nothing else worked this fast, lasts this long, or relieves this much. The narcotics would take 15-40 minutes to work, brought her pain to a manageable but still painful 6, and only lasted 4 hours.
I would highly recommend to anyone reading this to use it the way these posts have described and enjoy the relief for yourself or your loved one.
Happy Living!

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You say your wife was in pain for three months? Is that a typo? If it's regular tooth pain, rather than a dry socket, you might do more damage if you use these products for chronic tooth pain. A dry socket shouldn't take that long to heal. It's my guess that regular, constant application of clove oil could damage gum tissue after a while. I'm hoping this was a typo.

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