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Ok, I have come here to report on the use of salt on poison ivy/oak. I had the rash for 7 days using Caladryl and Ivarest. Neither worked very well and I was applying it 4-5 or more times a day. I read on here to use salt as an exfoliant of sorts. So I started using it. I wet my arms and rubbed the salt in. Yes, it did hurt, sometimes pretty bad but the one thing it didn't do was itch. After the first try I had relief. Now I had to use it for about a week but the rash was bad since it had been going on for over a week. Now after using the salt for a week the rash is almost gone and I have been getting alot more sleep just by using the salt.

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I have this itch from hell for over a week, today I went to Dr. and waited 3 hours in the emergency room to get a shot. The shot didn't seem to do much, and nothing I've tried seem to provide much relief, even the bleach didn't stop the itching....but SALT did. I followed the advice of rubbing it in like crazy and although it hurt,it was a good hurt because it relieved the itching as I was putting it on. I'm still not clear about how it spreads, but it does seem to pop up at different spots gradually. I pray this is the key because I am ready to cut off my arm if it doesn't go away.

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