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I am surprised no one has suggested drinking milk for chiggers. The enzymes in the milk help to soothe the itch and the skin. It also works for hives.

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Well, I didn't even know what a 'chigger bite' was but I realized I definitely wasn't dealing with anything I'd ever known before once I was itching like mad for --4-- days straight (and still counting). So, I just found this site and am so happy. I tried the nail polish and it is working ALL RIGHT. Buuut, funny enough, my bites were driving me mad and batty 2 nights ago and I was with friends who were eating ice-cream and as gross or crazy as it sounds...I had them slather some of their McDonald's Vanilla ice-cream on my itches and I DID have temporary relief. (20 minutes???) Milk products do work a little :D

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