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Ok, I know once you read it-you will think EW GROSS! I did too when I was younger, but after I realized it worked I was SOLD!
Human urine-caught mid-stream will ease the pain/cure an ear ache. This is a home rememdy that my mother's grandmother used on her and her siblings when they had earaches.
You catch your own or for an infant/toddler who's not potty trained use the parents urine caught in a disposable container (an old medicine cup works great!) and with a cut straw or disposable dropper put a few drops of the warm urine into the ear that hurts. The warmth soothes the pain and the ammonia in the urine kills the infection causing bacteria that is causing the pain.
It sounds gross but it works! Old country wives tales still work people!

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Your body expels urine as a waste product. Now why would you want to put that BACK into your body?!

And if it's the ammonia that kills the infection, there are plenty of other 'bacterial killers' that are safe to put in your ear that do the same thing (think vinegar or hydrogen peroxide)


i tried it and feel much-2 better gona try it again tommorrow


does it sting??? :(


I am suffering from a double ear infection will try anything for instant relief! question is, do you leave it in the canal for a certain amount of time or do you put it in with a cotton ball topper ( and then for how long)?


I have had pain and infection for a week now and I today I was thinkin urine.. as mexicans with home remedis we pee on out cutts and other things wen we are sick. So I was wonderin if it would help my infection n have gone thru 5 pages of these remedies n thank u so much for answering my question.. I think I will sleep gud tonight.. thanx again

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