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Ok, I know once you read it-you will think EW GROSS! I did too when I was younger, but after I realized it worked I was SOLD!
Human urine-caught mid-stream will ease the pain/cure an ear ache. This is a home rememdy that my mother's grandmother used on her and her siblings when they had earaches.
You catch your own or for an infant/toddler who's not potty trained use the parents urine caught in a disposable container (an old medicine cup works great!) and with a cut straw or disposable dropper put a few drops of the warm urine into the ear that hurts. The warmth soothes the pain and the ammonia in the urine kills the infection causing bacteria that is causing the pain.
It sounds gross but it works! Old country wives tales still work people!

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my son is 8 months old and we have been back and forth to the doctor for a month straight they had him on amoxicillin , it did not work. then they gave him omnicef no results.i always said i would never pee in my childs ear but i became very desperate i dropped 2 drops in each ear yesterday and got to sleep all night last night. it works so fast.


I just tried this...only thing I got was a wasted thirty min (I tried it twice) and a earfull of piss


How many times a day do you use this 'pee' home remedy?


I did it twice, maybe I didn't do it enought times, I don't know, but it didn't work for me. I put olive oil in my ear and that helps with the pain.

older and wiser

Baby urine has been used as a folk remedy for hundreds of years, contains sulfer, salt, and ammonia. Also works for pink eye and other eye infections. Personally I would not try this last one but as recent as the late 1800's to early 1900, some people used their own urine as a rinse to whiten teeth


I know putting urine in your ear sounds gross, but it does work when nothing else will. It does need to be that person's urine because it has antibodies in it your body is producing to fight the infection. When your child is screaming in the middle of the night you don't care how gross it is!


heard it here, tried a 'therapy' of treatment for about 3 days after initial relief. worked great.


it really does work when i was little with a ear ace that is what my mom would do.


This works! I have used this numerous times and it's not like your gonna be licking your ear or anything so...why is it so gross?!?! It is from YOUR BODY!!! Some people are such germaphobes! If your hurting bad enough you will put pee in your ear!!!!!


I started getting shooting pains in one ear, a clear sign the infection was starging to rage.

2 nights ago (late night), while I was reading through this site and this remedy, I had the strong urge to pee, so I tried it. It certainly does no harm. At worst I lose 10 minutes of time. So I thought why not, nothing to lose really.

The result was that the shooting pain stopped and improved the discomfort. Though some as still there. Nobody should expect any remedy to heal a strong infection instantly. Anyway, the inflammation in the ear and discomfort was improved by the next morning.

That morning I decided to mix 50/50 Vodka/Vinegar in a small glass and inserted that mix in my ear.

Now 24 hours later, my ear is as good as new. Now I want to make sure I get all the wax out to avoid recurrence.

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