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Ok, I know once you read it-you will think EW GROSS! I did too when I was younger, but after I realized it worked I was SOLD!
Human urine-caught mid-stream will ease the pain/cure an ear ache. This is a home rememdy that my mother's grandmother used on her and her siblings when they had earaches.
You catch your own or for an infant/toddler who's not potty trained use the parents urine caught in a disposable container (an old medicine cup works great!) and with a cut straw or disposable dropper put a few drops of the warm urine into the ear that hurts. The warmth soothes the pain and the ammonia in the urine kills the infection causing bacteria that is causing the pain.
It sounds gross but it works! Old country wives tales still work people!

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my nephew just tried it and now he is outside on his skateboard!


My daughter is 15, she is getting her molars in and has been complaining of her jaw and ear aching. I have heard of this remedy before, I want to thank you for reminding me, yes it sounds gross but I know it works!


This is absolutely disgusting. I'd rather pay out the ass and go to the Dr. before putting ANY kind of piss in my ear...

just me

then get off of a home remedy sight if you feel that way!! i bet any money that if you were stranded with nothing i bet you would do it, but i guess this day in time its so easy to just run to the doctor, but dont judge anyone who might not even have the money for these other acid remedys.


My grandmother (born 1925) used to do this for all her 12 children years ago. This really does work. Pee on a cotton ball and place in your ear. The urine you catch midstream is to wash the first contaminated liquid from the canal away. I went thru nursing and I know there are 'good bacteria' in the urine, without the good killing the 'bad bacteria' everyone would have bladder infections ALL the time.


When i was a baby, i was always sick with a cold which would be followed by an ear infection. My grandmother finally got tired of me crying with this pain and decided to take matters into her own hands. I was 4yrs old when she made me pee in a pot, and put it in my ear. I have NEVER EVER had an ear infectins again!!! Urine is a natural thing and when it comes out of your body it is sterile. When you have severe pain, you will try anything to help it go away....
Aren't antibiotics made with horse urine???


I read this, and of course I thought eww as well, but there are worse things than putting pee in your ear. So I did it. Instantly I could feel and even hear it breaking up the bad bacteria in my ear, kind of like how hydrogen peroxide bubbles. This really does work. I woke up this morning and was 100% better!


My mother also told me to try this and me being a young teenage girl was grossed out, but i hate sitting in the dr. office and waking up 3 hours later and still havnt been seen. so i tried this and it works, as nasty as it seems.


I have always heard this works but never had an ear ache till today.I can't believe I did it but it works!


Anyone try putting poop in their ears? Or is that bad bacteria?

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