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Any foods or supplements that boost the immune system and overall genital health will both prevent outbreaks and lessen the severity and duration when you do have them. This includes garlic, lysine (taken daily for no more than two weeks at a time--you can take a break and then resume taking it), echinacea, goldenseal. Garlic is my personal favorite. Also yogurt, saeurkraut and acidophilus tablets.

The best thing I've found for externally treating herpes sores is Vitamin E--PURE Vitamin E. Vitamin E works as well for this as it does for other forms of skin irritation. I get the capsules, bust one open and apply it to the sores several times a day. It's thick and sticky but I think it's worth it for the relief it brings. Also, aloe vera gel. Again, try to get the purest stuff possible, and dear god, don't use some aloe vera lotion mix for treating sunburns.

These methods work especially well for ulcers. As for external methods of helping the sores to heal as quickly as possible, you want to dry them out. Baking soda paste works great.

Try to keep the area as clean and dry as possible--but be gentle to avoid irritating it. Wear underwear as little as possible, or as little as you're comfortable with doing.

Also if you use tea tree oil, dilute it with water. It's pretty serious stuff to be putting on such sensitive skin. Baking soda soaks help as well--it helps the sores to dry out and if you make it as warm as you can stand it, the heat will increase circulation and help you to heal faster.

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