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Here is the BEST home remedy: You can go to ebay or any online vet supply, go to the aquarium section, and buy almost any antibiotic you need with no prescription. They are the SAME pharmaceutical grade antibiotics your doctor or dentist prescribes, but since they're labeled for aquarium use only, no prescription required. I've used them for about five years on various bacterial infections, and they work great. Added bonus, my doctor/dentist didn't relieve me of ninety six dollars to prescribe what I already knew I needed, to treat what I already knew I had.

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I have a abcess wisdom tooth, I've already been told I need a specialist, which I can't afford, my teeth are close together and this wisdom tooth has been trying to come in for 5 years now, this past month every week my left side swells up all my teeth beside it all the way to my front teeth hurts, WTF can I do. I've tried pulling a moler myself, got all the nerves out but I can't get to this one can't even see it, but I can feel it! What can I do?


Do you know the name of the antibiotic for an abcessed tooth? I have no insurance & really need an antibiotic.


If you don't have a credit card for online shopping, you can find these antibiotics in pet stores. I usually get the tetracycline.


thank you so much for this tip! Also, if you live close to the border of Mexico, you can get antibiotics w/out Rx because their drug laws are so much saner than ours - but if you live close to the border you probably already know this ...

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