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Sara T.

I have dental insurance and STILL can't afford to go to the dentist, but I know this remedy will work. Go to your Dollar Store or Family dollar and buy a bottle of Excedrine MIGRAINE relief. Take as it says on the bottle. You should see signs of relief in about 15 to 20 minutes. Also, if you take it with something hot, like coffee or tea it will work a little faster. Hope it works!!

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Thanks for such an easy solution! I don't have dental insurance but just paid $400 for dental work and my tooth still hurts!


to excelerate the excedrin, take it with something high in caffine such as mountain dew, but the soda may erratate the tooth. I had a terrible tooth ache and my dentist had told me about this.


the excedrine sinus works a little better if it is top tooth!!!!


i had tried all kinds of things nothing was working i tried this and it worked my pain is gone and i had the pain for a while now.
thanks for posting this cause it does work and used the mountain dew with it and it took the pain away in like 20 minutes.

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