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Bear with me on this one. If you have a small dog, relax on the coach or bed, and place them on your stomach. The body weight and warmth is better than a heating pad, and you can't beat the unconditional love.

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This does help lessen the pain a bit, but only if the animal is content to stay put. If they move around, you could be in much greater pain than you started with.


I do that with my cat. ^^ But hes a big cat so I get more warmth. I agree though, it works like a charm.


Yes, I tried that with my cat last night since she always sleeps on top of me and it worked for most of the night. This morning though, Was aweful since she left.


I have a chiwawa (sorry for the missspelling) She is not all that big but shes not too small, I get cramps that are out of this world! So when I get them I just put her on my stomach and she senses im in pain so she will stay there this is most definalty the best!


My 5 lb. poodle is the best! she sleeps right there on my tummy every night anyway. She stays for up to 10 hours without even moving. Dogs are naturally warmer than human. My pup runs about 102. Any pain I ever have, especially cramps she works better than any heating pad ever! I swear she knows she's helping too :)

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