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I read many of these home remedies and have to admit that diligence is the best policy. But I must have done something wrong when my children had head lice. I did home remedies and over the counter shampoos. My children would be allowed back to school for a few days or weeks and more nits would be found again. A nurse told me about a doctor prescribing worming pills for head lice. My children and I took the pill once and never again had head lice. The pill prevents the lice from laying eggs. Pulling the nits out still has to happen in order for the children to go back to school and to prevent infestation in others. It was nice to have a nightmare over and I highly recommending asking a doctor for this pill.

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what kind of pills?
can u pls tell me em suffering through this problem


ivermectin is the name of the pill.

Lorraine D.

My Doctor prescribed me inverticmin, I took 3 pills on Monday, as prescribed, and I am to take 3 more pills on the following monday, I am still picking out nits, so far I have not seen any live lice, but I still can feel them, I am still itchy and I can feel them crawling in my head. I hope this medicine works.

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