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courtney cox

if you have a thumb sucker in your house just get some louiseanna hot sauce and just dab a little on there. And bye bye thumb sucking.(if he/she likes hot sauce then just get a pepper) sounds crazy but it did wonders on my cousin 4 and a half

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I sucked my thumb to I was 14. My mother tried this along with various other remdies. This does not work. None of them worked. I stopped when my orthodonist told me I would be ugly forever if I didn't stop!


Thats great until they touch their eyes


Yes, Again...Good thinking (until they touch their eyes.)


not to mention that is considdered child abuse!


Fukn mad maadir

Common Sense Please

'not to mention that is considered child abuse!' -Isn't everything considered child abuse now days? You shouldn't be so quick to call everyone an abuser! Anything that is against the will of a child is considered child abuse. If the child wants sugar cereal for breakfast and you say no, you're an abuser! Seriously, that's were it has gone. Seen it with my own eyes.

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