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Try peppermint Candy.

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My son used to have stomach aches when he was little and I thought it was because of not eating ANY VEGETABLES. I would give him 'COLACE' Stool Softener. It would work within minutes for him. (I could also get him to munch a piece of lettuce while he was sitting on the toilet) but I don't think it was what did it!

Another good thing for a big time belly ache is Charcoal tablets - but probably not for little kids.

Pro-Biotics (after antibiotics kill ALL the bacteria [good AND bad] you need to replace the good bacteria with probiotics and you can buy pills at health stores. Yogurt also contains some.

Papaya pills - really cheap are soothing to the belly.

Hot peppermint tea - you can buy the bags at any food store. Do not use sugar if you have honey. It is a natural healer and soothing.

A teaspoon of Diatomaceous Earth (food quality) is good for killing parasites.

A heating pad, or source of heat on the belly and back.

Soothing music on headphones takes attention somewhere else. Picture your 'favorite place' that is peaceful - like fishing spot or lying on the beach, etc.

Let your mind and the soothing music take you away to the quiet pain free place in your memory.

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