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I learned this one from my chiropractor to whom i'm related to. The only problem is you need someone to help you. It's called neck traction what you do is take a towel roll it up so that its an inch and a half thick and at least 3 feet long. Lay it on the ground and lay on your back so thats it's under your neck. Then have someone take both ends of the towel slowly lifting your head up and pulling back holding your head up for 10 seconds and releasing slowly. And repeat another 9 times or so. I know it sounds painful but its almost instant pain relief when your head is being held up.

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rosa johnson

Thank you thank you!! My 14 year old sons had neck pain, i tryed this and it realy works thanks!.!.


Thanks man! This actually worked but I used a thick blanket and I picked my own head up slowly. You can really feel it but it doesn't really help your lower front neck where I have it. I'll keep trying


Just tried this on my 12 year old daughter. She woke up this AM with a severe stiff neck, had carry her out of the bed. After trying this, she's around 90% better... Only a little stiffness left, which we'll try again in a little while to see if we can work the rest out... Thanks so much for sharing, she'll be able to play in her softball tournament later this afternoon...


If you feel any pain while attempting this, STOP! I had a tight pain on the right side of my neck to start with; now after doing this I have a much worse and sharper pain on the left side of my neck. It actually stings big time anytime I move now :-(. I am thinking if this wasn't recommended by a professional to you directly, be very cacareful.


I have had a stiff neck for 2 days now from a pulled muscle and had my hubby do this for me and he too thought I was crazy. There is still a stinging pain but not as stiff. Now sitting with ice.


Using both the Pinching of the muscles and this towel remedy very good. Just using one alone will be good for some people and not for others.

Koala_bear Philippines

Just go to


Thank you so much for sharing this! My daughter woke up crying and couldn't move, she had severe pain. We did this and she is now breathing well and is able to relax! Pain is diminished significantly.


I'm going to try it, I need relief.

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