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Soft skin and say goodbye to ashy skin!

Run bath water as hot as you can take it add in clorox bleach a cup or two add bubble bath (any kind) Soak in the tub. Do this once or twice a week for the first month. The bleach removes the dead skin cells leaving fresh new soft skin. After the first month or until you see results go down to two or three times a month whichever you need.

I have done this for years and I never have to apply lotion to keep from getting ashy and my skin sooooo soft.

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i'm sure i don't need to tell anybody not to do this considering this is idiotic.
bleach is harmful to the body and skin. what are you micheal jackson?


please don't listen to this fool


Doesn't anyone monitor crazy unhealthy remedies submitted. I realize some of the other remedies can be called crazy too, but this one is ridiculous. Just FYI: I met a woman at a store that was diseased and looked like an 80 year old and she was only 35! She says her mother used to bathe her in cleaning solution as a child and now she has some kind of disease aa a result. You are stupid whoever put this rememdy on here and morally unconscious of others!

Hazmat Gal

Evidently this person destroyed her brain upon her first 'bleach bath'.Not suprisingly since Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach)produces dangerous chlorine gas which can do respiratory and brain damage and prolonged exposure, or exposure over the(pel)Permissable exposure limits, and can be fatal. Sod. Hypoclorite is HIGHLY corrosive and can burn and permantely damage the nerves and soft tissues.Remember the oriface in the bottom of your body girls? The one that allows liquid into and out of your body? Yea, I don't think you want bleach getting in there!


you really sat in colorox are you crazy .that is the most stupidest thing i have ever heard that someone would do


This is mental. Bleach i used to kil mould and take the colour out o your clothes so imagin what the hell it is going to do to your skin. Someone should remove this idea incase some idiot actually tires it! This is very harmfull!


I think NO COMMENT will work just fine!!!!!


Absolutely ridiculous! You will most certainly get CANCER if you do this!


bleach solution is not for the skin care. It burn your skin really bad and skin damage forever.

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