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I don't have a perm so you know what that is like if your an African American but I get my hair soft, straight and bouncy by applying olive oil onto my dry hair sit under the dryer for 30 min. Then wash with Mane and Tail shampoo (be sure to wash out all the oil) then condition with Mane and Tail conditioner (again under the dryer for 30 min.) then rinse out. Blow dry and press. Do this every two weeks. I don't have a perm and my hair is always soft and shiny.

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Its called a relaxer stupid not a perm perms make your hair curly


Just because she didn't know the correct name of something is no reason to bash her and call her stupid. If you really want to go there then maybe you should learn to punctuate and put a comma in between the two perms in your sentence. Who's stupid now?


watever she can say what she wants!


People we are talking about hair here!


Yes I have used Mane and Tail since I was young and it is really good for your hair.


If either of you knew anything about hair, you'd know that a 'perm' for African American hair is to make it straight, not to make it curly.

Rhonda J H

I am Australian, my hair used to be curley dry and frizzy. My hairdresser with my consent put an acid wave perm in my hair so I could grow it longer and it worked. Tones down your own curl.

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