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I purchased the Nivea cream you can get at CVS and it seems to be working. Just know its not cheap. Plus water and exercise isn't the answer for everyone. Thin people like me size 4 can have cellulite too. I'm not losing any weight to try and get rid of it. I'm thin enough.

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A size 4? Any smaller and you would disintegrate. It just goes to show that cellulite is more of a genetic problem than a weight problem. It's frustrating to work so hard in my case, exercising 7 days a week and trying every product under the sun and still having cellulite. I get depressed. At least I know I'm not the only one, unfortunately.


It definitely takes a blow to my self esteem when I wear a small dress size but still have cellulite. I'm glad I'm not the only one out there with this problem.


I had zero cellulite until 6mo to a year ago. Very sudden. Past few months has increased significantly. I am dehydrated alot of the time...exercise very hard, drink lots of coffee and not enough h2o. I also do not enough veggies anymore. Nivea's Goodbye Cellulite is helping but not completely gone. I too am not overweight at all but did just turn 39. I will try the coffee grind recipe in the notes found here and let you all know how it goes.


I'm also a size 4 and have had cellulite ever since I hit puberty.. which was about 11 or 12. Been trying to get rid of it for years as it's quite severe for someone my age.. It's so annoying to be thin among all your friends but not be able to wear the skirts and things they wear.


dito! I'm 5'11' and 140 pounds and i have cellulite too. its genetic. and just keep telling yourself that 98 percent of women have it :)


Size 4 isn't that small... She wouldn't disintegrate. I am 162 lbs and a size 4 and have cellulite all over my thighs and according to my doctor am on the verge of being 'overweight'.

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