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DMSO IS FDA APPROVED FOR HUMAN USE IF IT IS A U. S. P. or better purity. Approved use is for interstitial cystitis of the bladder.
A 30% gel with a TRACE of oil of Wintergreen is a very effective way to apply it. That way it cannot run into your eyes, and the 30% concentration won't sting on the forehead or neck.
dmso . org is the NON PROFIT site for DMSO information. Dr. Stanley Jacob is the discoverer of the properties of DMSO and maintains that site.
I purchase my DMSO products from Jacob Laboratories.
By placing the DMSO 30% gel on the forehead when aura or other beginning migraine signs appear, 10 people out of the 10 who have tried it in my area have the migraine disappear in 90 seconds. I refer you to Dr. Guyruron, who does migraine surgery after using Botox to find the trigeminal nerve center(s) that TRIGGER migraine.
The 30% DMSO gel certainly is vastly cheaper than surgery, and since it is non toxic(compared to Topamax and other anti-epileptics)is vastly safer and cheaper.
DMSO is a powerful anti inflammatory(not by traditional NSAID mechanism) and analgesic that penetrates the skin with only a slight taste/odor IF IT IS a PURE GRADE.
In 40 years NO ONE has ever been harmed by it that Dr. Jacob has ever heard of, and he has been searching his entire career to find ANYONE who has been harmed by it. Without any result.

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DMSO 25% gel - low concentration is gentle on sensitive areas.

Active ingredients: dimethyl sulfoxide 25% (250 mg/mL).
Inactive ingredients: deionized water, carbopol, sodium carbonate.
Packaging: LDPE plastic.
Shelf life: 5 years at room temperature 15° - 30° C (59° - 86° F). Keep out of the reach of children. Protect from strong light.
Manufactured by: Jacob Laboratories, Inc. PO Box 23363 - Portland, OR 97281

Oregon law (OARs 855-055-0100) requires the following strict cautionary statements on non-prescription DMSO labeling;

Not intended for drug use. No medical or other applications to the human body are advised or promoted for this product and such usage may be harmful. DMSO is quickly absorbed through the skin and can carry contaminants and impurities with it. Exercise care to avoid accidental skin contact especially to the eyes and face and/or wear protective gloves and clothing when using this product.


DMSO is dangerous as it is quickly absorbed into the body and carries any mixed in contaminants with it. It will also make you smell TERRIBLE. My granddad used to use it topically, and he would have a terrible odor. You could smell when he walked in the room.

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