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Three parts:
If you don't mind taking ibuprofen, take 800mg (4 standard tablets) every 8 hours. It reduces inflammation and will ultimately help with pain.

Oil pulling. Swish about a tablespoon of vegetable oil (untoasted sesame is ideal)in your mouth for as long as you can - at least ten minutes. Suck it through your teeth back and forth and spit it out when you're done - it should be white and foamy when you spit it out. This is good to do without dental pain as it apparently pulls bacteria out of gums as well as out of teeth with broken fillings etc. Rinse your mouth with very warm water and spit that out as well.

Now swish very strong sodium bicarb solution in warm water (about 2T/cup), one mouthful at a time until the solution is gone. With that solution also, keep it in your mouth swishing for as long as you can.

This should give you enough relief to sleep and wait for a dental appointment.

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I did this once but popped a motrin before doing this. After 10 minutes the pain was subsided. Im definitely going to keep trying this until I can see someone Monday Thanks


IF you can stand the taste of the vegetable oil without throwing up this might work.


This kind of worked, I mean it definitely brought the volume down a few notches but was really pretty gross to do, but I've been dealing with an infected wisdom tooth on one side and an infection on the other side and am pretty much willing to try anything at this point. So if you're in severe pain this will make it a bit more bearable.

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