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Ok. This is the true hiccough cure. It works every time. Instead of holding your breath, take a deep breath then exhale through your mouth slowly. As if you were whistling. Then, keep blowing air out until your lungs are completely empty. Breath in slowly, and they should be gone!

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I can't believe this actually worked. I had a stubborn case of hiccoughs and had already tried remedies that usually work.


I also experienced relief, but it took two breaths, for me.. I wonder if this action causes the diaphram to relax enough to stop spasming, which is what hiccoughs really are. It would make sense.


it works :3


At the comment above: ·sigh· We're cursed with stupidity in this world, it's a real shame. Poor guy must be so miserable to torture us with his ignorance...

ANYWAY, this stuff REALLY works! I'm at work right now and I hate how I hiccup, so I tried this one--after two tries it was gone. I give this baby a 10!


Blimey! That worked first time, I had a very painful bouts of hiccoughs after almost coughing up a lung and it worked like a dream. I shall be recommending this to everyone, thank you x


it really works... thank you very very much ... cegukan benar hilang ini cara mujarab

Mark C. - Orlando, FL

I have had hiccoughs that have been persistent for a day and a half. I tried this and they departed the first time around. Thank you! :D


Wow! I have had the hiccoughs for about 4 days. The first time I tried this it WORKED! Saved me from going to the hospital. Thanks for sharing.


you cant empty your lungs completely.
Its not possible

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