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I was struggling with this problem for a while. I tried a bunch of different ways to get it to heal with cortisone, different anti-fungals etc. From what I've learned about this problem is that it is caused by fungus, and can also be accompanied by a bacterial infection. I believe I developed this problem because I was drooling in the corners of my mouth occasionally during sleep. I've read that other people have developed the same problem from drooling. I believe I have the absolute best way to heal this problem. It involves dietary therapy and a really good topical that works great. The best way to heal the problem is through your diet. Yeast lives best on sugars, and I've found that by reducing them healing is greatly increased. In my case the dietary change was absolutely essential, without it there was no success. Here are some guidelines to help starve the yeast.
1. Avoid all sweeteners like sucrose, fructose, cane sugar, brown rice syrup, beet sugar, glucose.
2. Greatly reduce intake of grains during healing. Especially refined grains like white rice, or white flour.
3. Avoid fruit juice as they are high in sugar. Eat the whole fruit as the fiber will help reduce a spike in blood sugar.
4. Avoid alcohol especially beer and wine because they contain yeast.
5. Avoid other fermented foods, yogurt is ok.
6. eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, good protein like fish, chicken, turkey, avoid red meat.

Next I found a great topical ointment that works for both bacterial and fungal infections so will take care of both problems if both exist. It is very similar to a moisturizer so it can be put on several times a day but can't be noticed. The stuff is a little expensive but lasts a long time. It works really well for helping heal acne too. It is called Emugency first aid spray their website is

If you do what I said above it will work. Let me know about your success.

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