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I've had severe toothache pain for almost 3 months. I can't afford a dentist on a single parent income when my bills exceed my income. I have tried the red cross stuff and nothing, this used to work wonders but not now. I've used orajel severe pain and nothing. I'm immune to it since i've used it so much. Ice packs don't work. Maximum strength tylenol don't work even when I take 4 every 6 hours. Ibouprofin don't work even after taking 3 of the 800mg ones. Massaging don't work, neither does the muscle reliever idea. Coke and diet coke don't work. I want to take a knife and pliers and cut it out myself but my boyfriend won't let me. Childbirth hurt less. What can I do now? I wish I could let my rent go to he** to get it pulled out I just want to die.

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Please try Almond Extract. It is 2:20 am and I am up for the third night with terrible toothache - have taken everything - even Acetaminafin and codeine - nothing has helped. So I started down the list and have been trying everything. The Almond Extract has given me relief for the first time since last Thursday! I am so excited - going to the dentist tomorrow if it takes every penny I have.

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