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1. To prevent or treat mild cases: stop using any kind of 'oral rinse' before going to bed at night -- no Listerine (dries out your mouth) and no weird calcium stuff (gives bacteria stuff to feed on). Coat the corners of your mouth liberally with Carmex (the kind in the little pot with the yellow lid.

2. To treat more serious cases...use a cotton swap to apply .05% hydrocortisone to the affected area 2x per day. Use the Carmex as well.

3. If the hydrocortisone on its own doesn't work, try a VERY SMALL DAB of Lamisil (yes, the athlete's foot cream) on each corner of your mouth. You aren't supposed to put it on your face, but sometimes it's the only thing that works!! You may need a tiny bit of moisturizer over it, too, as it can dry out skin.

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