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If you have an obvious abcess (not just pain but swelling with a clear locus) you will have to sterilize a needle and lance and drain the abcess to get any relief. Another post here gives a very good description of how to do this, but if you have one I'm sure you already have the idea. Just make sure you spit all that stuff out and swish with hydrogen peroxide after until it comes out clear when you spit it out.

Two other things will help: 'oil pulling' - sesame works best, not the toasted kind, but most any vegetable oil will work. Swish about a tablespoon of oil around in your mouth for as long as you possibly can. By the time you spit it out it should be white and foamy. Have a glass of very warm water to rinse with after and also spit that out.

The other helpful thing, which will kill the pain, is very strong sodium bicarb in water, about 2 tablespoons in one cup of warm water, and swish keeping it in your mouth for a few minutes, spit out and repeat until solution is all used. If you have an exposed nerve this will knock out the pain within a few minutes. You will have to repeat it in a few hours but this makes sleep and waiting for a dental appointment possible.

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I have a question, I have this really bad toothache that doesn't go away with anything, not even vocodin... I might have a infection but I'm alergic to penicillin! What antibiotic can they give me to make it go away? I'm hurting so bad, but yet have enough money to go to the dentist!


Hello I tried using the tea bag and it helped a great deal with the abscess. My question is my lip is now swollen? Has anyone ever had a reaction to the tea bag like that?

Concerned Nurse

Unless you are medically trained you should never lance anything. You are at greater risk when you do it on your own!

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