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I had my very back bottom tooth extracted 2 weeks ago (this Thursday will be 3 weeks) and it still hurts. I came to this site after about a week of the pain of the 'dry socket' and it was AMAZING. I took the advice of the many & went and got the Red Cross Toothache Kit from Walgreens for roughly $7.00. WHAT A LIFE SAVER!! You all are the best!! I wouldn't have known what to do because my dentist wanted to re-numb my gums & scrae the bone to create another blood clot but that just didn't sound appealing to me, nor could I afford the procedure after shelling out the money to have the extraction to begin with. So... I went looking for alternative treatments & found this awesome site. I have been using the clove oil 'eugenol' for almost 2 weeks & it does provide the relief I need to get thru the day & sleep thru the night. At first, I was soaking gauze in it and stuffing it in there and leaving it for about 24 hours. Now, I am only putting a couple drops in it and it's lasting about 6 hours before I have to reapply. I'm hoping that since I'm nearing the 3 week mark, the pain/uncomfortable feeling will GO AWAY completely & I can put this awful experience behind me! This is the WORST pain I've ever been in and I've had 3 kids!! Thanks again for all the wonderful advice. You guys helped me ALOT!!

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Thank you all for your info I had a toothache for 3 wks Took Aspirin for pain works faster for toothaches. Used clove oil to numb, peroxide to rinse with helps kill bacteria and kills canker sores (doesn't burn) keep in mouth over tooth 10 mins 2x day. helps w/ pain too.Tooth was pulled. Next day my jaw was swollen like a chickmonk lots of canker sores on lips (peroxide helped) 3 days later dry socket. Used gauze/oil clove in hole worked. Changed 24 hrs. But after two days still bad. Called dentist office was told NOT to put anything in socket but to use vinegar 2x a day. I tried this today it doesn't seem to work as well. I was given some instructions after the fact that might help others avoid dry socket.A lot of dentist will put clove in socket at time of surgery. They use dissolvable gauze. Don't use straws(I did) not to suck air or food in to socket, don't talk or let air get on tooth, don't eat for alwhile till clot takes a hold and to put ice on jaw right after surgergy, take 800 mg ibuprofen for swelling for at least 3 days. I didn't do any of these things and I wished I had. Hope this helps.

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