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hi. sorry i don't have a remedy, but i would like to offer some hope. i am 17 y/o, never been pregnant, but i've had weight issues that have given me stretch marks. i heard that you can't get rid of them so i never did anything about them, because what was the point? after a few months of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING they started to fade on their own. so i started massaging them with just WATER and they are almost gone after a few weeks. i think i will try some of these remedies and perhaps they will help. anyway i just wanted to say that just because some people can't get rid of them it doesn't mean that nobody can... we are all different. good luck to everyone!!

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thats because you have young skin, it won't work forever.


Hi when you mean nothing. You just had a shower with no shower gel or soap just water and it went?


Just because I'm young doesn't mean I have good skin. I get stretch marks VERY easily and it takes a while for them to go away, but they can. After showering or just in the middle of the day I stand at the sink and rub water in circular motions over the marks and they gradually disappear over time (weeks, months, it depends). The ones under my bust are gone, on the back of my legs are almost gone again, and I've gotten rid of some on my hips, but with gaining and losing weight so much over the years I keep getting more. I've also tried the cocoa butter stick and it worked really well for me, too. I'm just saying people shouldn't say that they will never go away for anyone, because everyone is different and some people can get rid of them you just have to experiment and try things that might work for you. Good luck everyone! :)


thats because massaging the stretch marks increases bloodflow to the affected areas

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