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I have been getting migraines for 10 years, although mine aren't as severe as those of many migraine sufferers. Tylenol and Ibuprofen don't touch my headaches, but over the years I've tried various remedies that sometimes work, sometimes don't. I've never found one that consistently works, every time. Here are some that work sometimes:

1) Take extra-strength Excedrin at the first sign of a headache. (I can only do this if the headache comes on in the morning or afternoon, because the caffeine in Excedrin keeps me up at night).

2) Take a decongestant. This works whether or not your headache is caused by your sinuses, because decongestants help constrict your blood vessels.

3) Drink 64 ounces of water over the space of about two hours. Then drink a strong cup of coffee, followed by another 8 oz glass of water. If your headache has anything to do with dehydration, this does wonders.

4) Apply Vicks to your temples, if that is where the headache is located. You can also use peppermint oil (even better) or eucalyptus oil (I've heard that lavender oil helps too, though I've never tried it).

5) At night, sleep with something soft yet firm pressed against your temple, or wherever the pain is. I just use a rolled up sock or something similar. The pressure on your temple will help ease the pain during the night and in many cases the headache will be gone in the morning.

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kristine zeh

Excedrine extra strength is the best ..out of all the asprines excedrine is the only one that rids the pain away n I get bad migraines to..there great..

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