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Brewer's yeast or desiccated liver will help get rid of fleas and promote a healthy coat.

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For my dogs I buy the brewers yeast tablets I start about Feb or March because It takes a while to get into their system, but it keep the fleas away because they don't like the way the dogs skin tastes and my dogs also have a softer and shinier coat.
I also give it to my cats, I just crush it up and put it into a tsp of wet catfood.

Just wondering

So do you give your pet a brewers yeast tablet daily? Or how do you give the tablets?


30 year ago my golden got a terrible case of fleas, they were in the carpet and it was awful. I started her on brewers yeast after getting them out of the carpet and never had another problem. Later used it on our english setter and lastly a brittany. I have never had a flea problem since on any of the three and their coats were glossy, thick and beautiful.

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