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Forget soaking your feet in vinegar, or tea or doing a rain dance....this is a no-brainer I figured out for myself! What causes foot odor? Bacteria. What kills bacteria? Antibiotic ointment like Neosporin (which you probably have in you med cabinet near the band aids for cuts and scratches!) Simply rub it all over your feet (nails too) like you are putting on lotion. Just a thin layer. Throw on some socks and go to bed. I guarantee your foot odor problem will be gone. It worked for me. I haven't had foot odor since, and only had to use it once!

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I had smelly feet for 30 years, I tried this for a week now and the smell is gone. I even put some in my shoes and the smell is gone from there also.


Happy New Year to me! I can't believe my nose. Finally, a quick,inexpensive remedy that 'REALLY' works. It worked for me the same day. To put Neosporin to the test I wore the same shoes and stockings the next day and my feet still didn't stink. I purposely didn't wash my stockings just to test how effective this remedy is. Same result - no smell. This is it. Don't take another step without doing this. Wash your feet with a good anti-bacterial soap like Cetaphill (good to shower with too), dry your whole body very well and apply Neosporin. I so happy. I so grateful. I feel comfortable taking off my shoes in frong of other people.


i will try tonight. i hope this will work because i am very frustrated now.


worked for me, thank you


Than You! I've had stinky feet for a while and my dad won't let me take off my shoes in the car anymore and my friends ars starting to notice. I found this just in time! Thank you and wish me luck!


if this was really effective how come it has a rating of 6? 281 votes?


OHH i did'nt get neosporin here

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