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Forget soaking your feet in vinegar, or tea or doing a rain dance....this is a no-brainer I figured out for myself! What causes foot odor? Bacteria. What kills bacteria? Antibiotic ointment like Neosporin (which you probably have in you med cabinet near the band aids for cuts and scratches!) Simply rub it all over your feet (nails too) like you are putting on lotion. Just a thin layer. Throw on some socks and go to bed. I guarantee your foot odor problem will be gone. It worked for me. I haven't had foot odor since, and only had to use it once!

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it worked for about a week but it lost its effectiveness after that for me


does bag balm or petroleum jelly work for this???


i am using this method as i speak and i really hope it works.I'll report back asap good night:)


Worked like a charm! Tried on my kiddo last night and NO odor whatsoever today!!! Highly recommend remedy! Thank you.


where can i bye this stuff


Just a warning about Neosporin. While it will kill the bacteria making your feet stink, DO NOT USE if you have foot fungus, nail fungus, athletes foot etc. It can make your fungal growth much worse. Neosporin can possibly make it easier for the fungus to grow. Before using this to cure foot odor make sure you use an anti fungal cream to cure your athletes foot.


ill try this one ...long years i have this problem my friends go away from me im so sad ... lonely ...


Going to try this as soon as neosporin arrives. But what about in your shoes? Could you rub neosporin into those to kill the bacteria? Just a thought. Thanks


i'll try tonight..goodluck to me! my feet sweats all day and thus it causes it to be smelly..and caused low self-esteem.


I had smelly feet for 30 years, I tried this for a week none and the smell is gone. I even put some in my shoes and the smell is gone from there also.

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