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Forget soaking your feet in vinegar, or tea or doing a rain dance....this is a no-brainer I figured out for myself! What causes foot odor? Bacteria. What kills bacteria? Antibiotic ointment like Neosporin (which you probably have in you med cabinet near the band aids for cuts and scratches!) Simply rub it all over your feet (nails too) like you are putting on lotion. Just a thin layer. Throw on some socks and go to bed. I guarantee your foot odor problem will be gone. It worked for me. I haven't had foot odor since, and only had to use it once!

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this was magical!!!!!! i used it once and its perfect. thank u soo much :)))


hi,,how many times you applied neosporin? ,,once a day or twice?,,is it everyday ?


where can i buy neosporin,,any help


don't snub this one...this thing actually works,,it works on me, it might as well on you.. I applied twice just to make sure and from then on NO MORE STINKY FOOT...thanks for your wonderful idea...


Its amazing how well this works!!!! Thanks!!!!


I pray this works I'm so embarrassed around my girlfriend sometimes I won't see her if its to bad. You I owe if this works wish me luck


I haven't try it yet but, according to several comments, it will works. Thanks a lot.


Incredible! So far so good. Soaked my feet for half an hour last night and had the first day in 20 years that I was not tortured by smelly feet. This really should be publicised. All that wasted money on useless treatments. Thank you.


As we speak I am soaking my daughter's stinky feet in vinegar and read this post for neosporin. I am running out after school tomorrow to purchase it and will post the results on wed 11/3


Esto es un milagro! mi amiga padesia de olor fuerte enlos pies por 10 anos y este remedio se lo curo con solo dos veses que lo uso. WOW! esto si fue un milagro.

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