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Forget soaking your feet in vinegar, or tea or doing a rain dance....this is a no-brainer I figured out for myself! What causes foot odor? Bacteria. What kills bacteria? Antibiotic ointment like Neosporin (which you probably have in you med cabinet near the band aids for cuts and scratches!) Simply rub it all over your feet (nails too) like you are putting on lotion. Just a thin layer. Throw on some socks and go to bed. I guarantee your foot odor problem will be gone. It worked for me. I haven't had foot odor since, and only had to use it once!

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This works perfectly. I used it twice, and a yearlong problem was gone. Also, the skin between my toes looks better. Thanks!


I used this method and it worked like magic!!!! Thank you! :)

stinky feet

this worked a little bit for me however I did'nt leave em over night I used it and kept walking around house. The next day the odor was not like before I was amazed however I will try it like you said. I'm sure this will work for sure


This works great!!! My son's feet stunk even right after he got out of the shower. Now they don't stink at all. Thanks!!!


my feet are so stinky and sweaty that i can ruin a pair of shoes by wearing them only once- as we speak i have pantyliners in my shoes because they get so sweaty. I am going to try this and if it works i will literally jump for joy!I CANT WAIT TO GET HOME!wish me luck!


This worked perfectly! I love it! Will this also work on underarms?


This is a great idea I have been looking for something that would work for years. I am going to try this when I get home. Thank you!!!

Reek'n Rot With Fungi Feet

WOW! I've had stinky feet for about 10 years now and nothing is more annoying. This worked over night! did just as directed, lather up, socks, then bed. woke up the next day i'm at work and now my shoes stink of odor-eater spray lol! This is the first time i haven't had to worry and try to hide my feet during meetings. ITS AMAZING!


My daughter has VERY STINKY FEET it is driving me NUTS! I am trying this tonight fingers crossed!!


My daughter's feet ABSOLUTELY STINK and I can't wait to try this method. All the other posted comments are good, so I'm sure this is worth trying!

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