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Water and cranberry pills are working for me right now. I had horrible nausea and was throwing up so I smoked a little marijauna and it helped with all that plus helped me drink more water and keep it down. Don't need much marijauna to do the trick! :)

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the greens are helping me right now as i'm drinking water and cranberry juice, being inspired to cook up some good lentils and dreaming up a berry delight for later, sad that the pain made me go to the hospital and now on antibiotics (cipron...) but glad that i did something before the kidney infection got worse. i know better than to go to hospitals when my body can use natural/family to heal. but anyhow the greens did also help settle me a little more with the side effects of the dr's presciption, like head aches and dizziness and weakness in joints, tendons, and muscles...possible side effect 'tendinitous'


Ok first of all no they are not an idiot, second.. no Mary Jane isn't a cure for it, it helps the nausea, & not being able to drink or eat... as well as some of the severe pain. in moderation with the water, cranberry juice and pills, seems like its a good help.. although may not work for everyone.....


She is not an idiot Marijuana is proven to help with certain problems... which is why some state perscribe it... and even in states they dont, I ahve known MANY doctors to recommend it on the DL. it may not cure it but it helps with pain, and helps get the remedies down.


i had a great time reading all ur comments...right now i had 2 come back from work for the same infection...n going through ur comments made me forget my pain...(for a lil while)....i wil take all da advice mentioned...thanks guys...


To the one that posted 'harsh' comments about the marijuana. You are the idiot, you don't post comments like that. You are just wanting to be heard, I on the other hand, am just lashing out at you, because I can.
If you have a comment about calling someone stupid and dumb, just stop and think about it and shut up.
Marijuana is a natural herb that God has put on this earth for us to find and use it with the means to help us.
I have chronic back pain and the only thing that helps is marijuana, although I can no longer smoke it for I have allergic reactions. (Haha, yea it also makes my eyes red).

Save the Mary Jane, end prohibition

This thread, on this web page seems devoted entirely to 'Home remedies and cures' that have helps others. As such, condescending comments have no place here. I'm at Kroger at 4:00 am, have taken 2 doses of amoxicillin that was on hand as well as one and a half Loratab 10 or 1500 milligrams, still having pain. Symptoms are 48 hours old, going in to get 100% cranberry juice and ollidal silver. It has always worked in the past. The key is to catch it early. Mary Jane rules.

uti+ sad face

I got my firat uti right noe at age 25....and tried...azo, cranberry juice and lots of water and cranberry supplents....i felt better until two days later i have severe kidney pain and read this website.....i drank a huge glass of water, big shot of brags vinegar and some goldenseal pills along with cranberry pills, not juice bc of sugar increases bacteria growth .....smoked a little reefer and now i am comfortable and pain free...its been about one hour so we will see.....and i took migrain pill....sigh....

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