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Water and cranberry pills are working for me right now. I had horrible nausea and was throwing up so I smoked a little marijauna and it helped with all that plus helped me drink more water and keep it down. Don't need much marijauna to do the trick! :)

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your an idiot, mary jane will cure it sure thats smart where are you from mars gees thats not only dumb but its inaccurate not to mention not very smart what would have happened if you needed to go to the hospital and couldnt because you were to stoned

Logan Comby

The original poster clearly stated that marijuana helped with the nausea and to keep down water, not cure a kidney infection. The previous comment poster is clearly an idiot if he/she thinks anyone who has an IQ greater than said comment poster could possibly get too stoned to get to a hospital. It's marijuana, not heroin. Thanks to the original poster.


stupid dumb person!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LOL... It's marajuana. It'll be ok.
Anyway, cranberry contains a substance that helps keep bacteria from sticking to the walls of all our tubes and pipes and such. (Or at least that's my humble explanation lol)
So drink Cranberry. Make sure it's sugar free and 100%. Check for all the other crap they put in there.
A TON of water...Flushes you out and keeps you peeing- which is what good kidneys do...
VITAMIN C- Always. always...Unless you have kidney stones, which vitamin c can irritate...Stones and an infection would be awful so don't do that to yourself...But if you don't have an issue with kidney stones, megadosing is a great idea.
And yeah, go natural but you really need some antibiotics. No matter what.


wow everyone is so mean.. i thought it was funny that they used marijuana. calm down.


Pot helps ALL PAIN. From fibromyalgia to arthritis. Trust me i have both.


Jerk-face can't even spell 'too' correctly. I don't thimk that I'll put to much stock in his opinion.


i totally agree. i have a kidney infection and smokin just alittle bit made me feel better too! it made me want to eat and keep food down.


my mom is a marijiuana medical patient because shes very sick, its what saves her life! Marijuana cures.


Love the suggestion, totally agree! Unfortunately, not that easy to find! lol BTW, can't stand uptight anti-marijuana jerks! Loosen up buddy!

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