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This sounds really stupid, but it actually works, and you don't even need anything for it. If you can't stop coughing, raise your arm up higher than your head. Just one--I don't know if two work or not. This has worked for everyone we have ever suggested it to!

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that is the most STUPID thing i have heard of!!!


that does sound sooo STUPID!!!!!!!!!!


u guys are so rude! have u tried yet? i have and it works...thnx


to put it in simple terms: it works because it opens up your air ways, thus helping you breathe better. yall dont have to be rude. (in anatomy)


haha,, the previous person was correct in saying at allows your air ways to open. If you do this once, it will likely work, but if you continuously have your arm raised, or move, it will likely cancel the affects, causing you to cough again.


SO i was about to cough.. and thought it would be best to try it then, you know, to test it out. Not only did i not even have to fight or hold my breath to hold the cough in, but it helped a lot! The people who think it is stupid were probably just coughing bc they were thinking about it,


it absolutly works !!!!!!!!!!


Yes, i tried and it works. owesome.


Wow Rude people... this actually works!! Thanks much!!


It sure worked for me thanks a lot. Please don't worry about people being rude. It is ignorance laced with sadism.

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