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My daughter was about 2 months old when my older daughters boyfriend came over with Pink Eye. The baby got it really bad , I hated to put drops in her eyes a friends Grandmother told me to squirt breast milk in her eyes . I thought it was worth trying , it couldn't hurt. By the evening it was gone. No puss , no redness or anything it didn't even come back. I was very happy that I didn't have to take her to the Dr. and also use medicine on her at such a young age.

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Where I can go for Breast Milk can any one help me please?


I have also used breast milk with fantastic success. Although my daughters are now 5 and 7, i can still manage to get my hands on breastmilk from family members, or close freinds. I keep a small supply in the freezer. Its brilliant.


My 8 month old had pink eye symptoms. I head about putting a few drops of breast milk in his eye, and although it seemed a little weird at first, it proved to work wonderfully. In about an hour he had no redness or goop. It didn't come back either. I only had to put it in his eye once.


Is it just one application or do u need to do it a few time. Similiar to the medicated drops


My 10 month old got into the trash and needless to say had poop on his hands and mouth. Then today started getting goopy green eye gunk so I found your comment very helpful. Brought out some of the milk i had left in my almost dry jugs and dropped it in. Then a few minutes later wiped his eyes with warm cotton balls. A few minutes later he was no longer irritated and i have yet to see goop. Thank you so much!


My only question is where did u find

The pregnant squirrel?

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