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Lori Wilson

I have had 4 boys, all had croup regularly each winter. The best remedy I used was something called COMPLEX CROU - it is a homeopathic remedy.

Start it at onset, giving 10-20 drops in plain water and repeat every 4 - 6 hours for the first day. If you catch it the first night,(you know when it starts at 11 pm.) it will usually go away within one day of drops. If you miss the first signs, it will usually take 3 days with constant drops every 4-6 hours to keep at it. Once all bark-y symptoms are gone, use the drops at night just before bedtime for 2 more nights for good measure. Works like a charm. Remember to keep them away from sugar as well.

With my first son, I had not found this remedy and found the steam showers, vaporizers not very helpful. We spent his first two winters bundled up in sleeping bags, sitting up outside for most of the night so we could get some sleep. Don't wish that last resort solution on anyone - although in Canada, it works! All the best.

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Lilly I.

Where do you buy Complex Crou-- I have searched the internet and can't find it.

Thank you!


are the drops ok for babys


Where do you buy this? i have looked online and can't find it. Thanks!


I think you need to go to a homeopath to get it.


You can by the homeopathic Complex Crou from Thompsons homeopathic site... I saw it (and many many more) $12 the comment post wont let me add the link :-/ so look up their name. Prayers to cover your little ones

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