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Fresh Garlic Clove.
I have a tooth that has been drilled and temporary filled. It's about 35% gone and the root is exposed. No dental insurance is a real killer.
I have rinsed with saltwater and peroxide, vicadin, orajel, digging at it with a toothpick, dental instruments(not a good idea lol) Whiskey/Vodka works pretty well but only temporarily and I think getting drunk is the best option with whiskey. But Garlic clove chewed up and shoved in where the cavity is has got to be the most amazing thing I've done for my tooth. It's infected and that's why it hurts so bad. The garlic is so strong you can hardly stand to have it in your mouth and my tolerance for pain is higher than most. So if possible, chew fresh garlic clove or mash it up and put it in the cavity or on the tooth that is in pain. It has to get to the infected area though. Also chewing onions has helped when garlic isn't available. Garlic is the best though. For REAL!

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