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I use salicylic acid and straight peroxide and banking soda.Mix into a past and brush it on rinse and brush twice.Your teeth will be white in days.....HOHA

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Michael Napoli

I noticed the remarkable brightness of my friend's bright white teeth.
I asked what she used to brush her teeth. She told me to buy 'Tooth Polish', a product of Melaleuca.
I have been using it for the past three weeks and my teeth are much whiter and brighter. She will help anyone with her
Melaleuca products. They're great!You can email her. ><


right off acid istnt good so i dont recomend this acid is a chemical that breaks down things no matter how strong or weak the acid is it is still acid


in terd grad i lernt dat bacon soda wud nutraleyes da acid. make good foam doe.
women and gay men have very wite tooth how cum?

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