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Grind and boil some fresh ginger in a cup of water. Add a little sugar and take two or three times a day after meals.

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pls dont believe that if u have irregular periods u cant get pregnant
Been pregnant 4 times inspite of both ovaries being poly cystical
my dr s told me slim to non chances but today have 2 sons and 2 I miscarried


I was on BC pills and they were helping me to regulate regular I stopped taking them and haven't had one since So would this solution help to start my PM.

Nadeem Ahmed

kindly be on topic . topic is about ginger and not the birth control pills . u can create another topic if u want to discuss on b/c pills.


plz help me i m so scared i m 13 now n i passed my mom in june now i m in gulf wid my dad i used to get period on the correct date but from december it stoped n till now i din get it plz say me any home remedy for this problem


Plz give me a another useful remedy for getting periods....


IT Helps provided no junk food, 14 glasses of water in a day, weight under control and keeping urself physically active plus doing some breating excercise.


it does work .... atleast when you are new to it ... it worked for me for more than an yr ... and it also made my skin shine and feel slimmer and you have is a clean perion no odours no pains no cramps etc :)


This treatment might work for others but I drank this disgusting boiled ginger 2x a day for two weeks and never got my period. Ugh the disappointment, the longest ive gone w/o my period is a year. The only thing that seems to help me regulate my period is the fattening birth control. & about getting pregnant ... Don't you dare even think for a second you can't , say hi to
Jade & Nathaniel if you'd like lol <3


I am SO desperate to know why I have acne. I had befiutaul skin as a child, and then when I hit thirteen, I suddenly had appalling skin. I have dry, oily, sensitive, spot-prone skin and nothing (not pills/intense creams from the doctor nor special face-washes or cleansers etc.) has worked! what can I do! I'm 20 now and I've got little self-confidence because of my skin. P.S. I'm just heading off to your website and for a look through your other videos !


Drink a tbspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass on water... 3 times daily... it worked for me. Get my period back after a month of tht drinking habit...

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