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Grind and boil some fresh ginger in a cup of water. Add a little sugar and take two or three times a day after meals.

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will this remedy help in getting periods regularly and how long this treatment needs to be done?


waiting for the same reply...
wil it mk periods get regular??


my periods were on for like months so my doctor gave me birthcontrol pills it worked but now i stopped taking them n my period hasnt been on lately


yep i had exactly the same result with the b/c pills, i got put on the injection and that jus made me 'look' pregnant! lol


I was wondering if having irregular periods prevent preg?


No not ever!!!! Please don't believe that if your periods are irregular that you can't get pregnant.


does this treatment ACTUALLY work?
plz reply asap

Christie in Bama

I've always had irregular periods. You definately CAN get pregnant. I have rugrats running around to show for it.


this is one of the most useless remedys on this site. some info would be nice. I personally like to know how & why something works, but if u cant tell me that at least give me some directions. just a recipe for some concoction without instructions is not too helpful honey.


pls dont believe that if u have irregular periods u cant get pregnant
Been pregnant 4 times inspite of my both ovaries being poly cystical
my dr s told me slim to non chances but today have 2 sons and had 2 I miscarried

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