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As you know, if you've done your research, there is no cure for genital warts! I contacted my family physician for a solution to my problem as it has just started and i did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a fake cure. I am telling you this straight from his mouth that 'Compound W' or home wart freezing kits will NOT hurt you. I used Compound W to get rid of mine and within the first night they are almost gone!!!!! Granted, it is very early in my symptoms. I have 3 small warts but give it a try. it may burn a little but it is well worth it as it DOES WORK!!!!!!!

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Got GW about a year ago got them removed by the doctor using liquid nitrogen and holy fuck was that terrible and I have a lot of tattoos so I can bare pain but they went away anyways it was awkward as fuck to tell my dad and haven’t really cared much because I use a condom now but I’m starting to get more than a couple and notice it’s spreading so I’m gonna try this coumpund W gel, I noticed it’s sketchy because the gel get gooey and won’t stick unless you let it air dry for a couple of minutes but oh well we will see


Guy here with a number of them on the foreskin, starting day 2 using CW gel and I have a feeling everyone that experiences burning is either applying it wrong or being dramatic because if you apply directly to them there is essentially no burning feeling. A very slight burn (I'm talking like it really barely even registers as a burning sensation, burning is too harsh of a word for sure) for maybe 30 seconds, then nothing. Just enough of a sensation to let you know it's doing something, but it goes away fast.

Using the gel I find it helps to use a toothpick to apply more accurately than you can straight out of the tube. I assume this is where people screw up and wind up getting lots of the gel on healthy skin, which probably does burn, but that's your own fault if you do that. Don't be dumb, take your time, and it will be fine.

As for results, I'm trying it out on a couple of the biggest ones and they appear to be turning white already after day one (not just the white crust the gel dries into, the warts themselves). Not sure how much of that is the gel staining them and how much it is actually killing the tissue yet, but visually at least it seems to be acting faster than the prescription treatments I was given (condyline and podofilm).

Condyline actually took care of a fair number of the smaller ones I had, but neither it nor podofilm could get them all. Podofilm was the least effective by far (but was according to the doc harsher than condyline....), after days and days of treatment I would be lucky to get a thin layer of skin off the top of the wart with no real change in size, and it also messed with my digestive system a bit and was difficult to keep applied, so it was a total waste of time for me. Frustrated with going to the doctor and getting prescribed things at random that don't work, and paying crazy prices for them (Honestly it feels like a scam, I've always needed minimum 2 prescriptions for any issue), I'm giving this a try and hoping for the best. It's been years living with this and although I've handled the mental stress of this better than most, I'm at the end of my rope with it and really hope this finally takes care of them, at least for awhile.

Anyway, wish me luck, and good luck to you all, will try and come back and update in a few days, as it's really encouraging reading some of these and if my feedback can help someone too then at least some good will come from this ordeal.

Just here to help

Believe me or not but there is a way easier way without the burning I had hpv for over 8 years all I did was eat turmeric you will see warts leave or Danny near vanish within the first week of takes longer than meds but once it's in your system it kicks in take it with honey and within two week almost gone give it a try ginger same thing a little research goes a long way

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