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As you know, if you've done your research, there is no cure for genital warts! I contacted my family physician for a solution to my problem as it has just started and i did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a fake cure. I am telling you this straight from his mouth that 'Compound W' or home wart freezing kits will NOT hurt you. I used Compound W to get rid of mine and within the first night they are almost gone!!!!! Granted, it is very early in my symptoms. I have 3 small warts but give it a try. it may burn a little but it is well worth it as it DOES WORK!!!!!!!

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same as last post

okay it’s me again from the last post. is it supposed to burn more and more each time? the pain is just terrible. this is day 2 of the treatment and it hurts terribly


so I got the compound liquid around the skin of the warty too and it turned my skin white. what does this mean? will the white color go away?


I've had hpv for years, but finally decided to do something about it. Applied Compound W a few days ago, but peeled off the white film each night... After reading the above posts I'll keep the film on and help reapplying it!


I just found out that I have genital e

Warts I got compound w

Um how long until I can have sex again I got a nice date on Friday


Been dealing with my GW for almost 3 weeks now and I've seen results.

First I was using the ACV but it hasn't made any results to my satisfaction for my bigger warts.

I bought some Compound W freeze stuff and applied it a hour ago n I can see where some of the white part of my wart are changing yellowish brown. I have 2 medium sized warts one on my lip and one kinda going towards the inside of my vagina. So I'm going to apply twice a day.

For my warts that are blackening and peeling from the ACV treatment i have been using neosporin and aloe gel.Black African soap helps with the peeling part just lather let it set for a minute then wash it off and moisturize

Will update with the compound treatment


Ok so i started using the liquid compound w on the foreskin of my penis it did not burn but did turn into white crust where the warts are and thats a good sign so ima do it again tomorrow this stuff really helps it does itch but as long as you dont scratch it it will be ok. Im thankful for everyones advice and i see im not alone in this. The doctors wanted 800$ to treat me and the white liquid they gave me didnt work it only made the warts go away temporarily but compound w really does work i have some small ones and those the skin contact will hurt but fuck it id rather live theough a little pain than have these warts on my penis. Guys and girls hang in there we will get through this. It turns out 30\\% of americans have this hpv shit and we are not alone


I have H.P.V tried this for the first time tonight. Using Compound W Fast Acting Liquid Wart Remover. The burn was a 2 maybe a 3 out of ten hoping it works will add updates along the way.


I think i May have GW. I went to a doctor and a dermatologist. The doctor said they were warts, but the dermatologist said they didn’t look like warts. I’m confused and scared as hell. So i recently bought some Compund W gel. I’ve applied it for 2 days so far, and it’s turned the skin over the warts black. Is that a good sign? I just pray that I’m overreacting and this is just a skin infection!


Also, is dry flakey skin associated with genital warts on the penis? First i noticed my skin was dry and peeling off, then i noticed the bumps


I used the compound w for a little bump on my shaft. It stung for a bit but was ok after a few minutes. The white crust appeared and it washed off after a few days along with the bump. There was a red mark left however and I'm hoping it's just a little burn mark from the gel that will eventually heal. Anyone else have this?

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